Any suggestions for which valves in my EAR834P ??

My original valves are well past their best and I need to replace them.
I've tried Sovtek 12AX7LPS because I have some spares of them for my Hovland HP100 pre-amp BUT they sound feeble.
My EAR834P was extensively upgraded (to their top level) by the sadly defunct GNSC - so it's an EAR834P on steroids I suppose - not that I think this should alter your recommendations.

Suggestions very gratefully received.
Telefunken smooth plates and Mullard CV4004 are often cited by happy 834P owners, but they aren't cheap. It isn't uncommon to hear folks using a top shelf tube in V1 and less expensive tubes in V2 and V3. For some reason, V1 has the most influence. I used CV4004 and was very pleased.