Any Suggestions for SS Amp for Devore Nines?

Looking to buy an amp for my Devore Nines. Would welcome recommendations on good matches, price range <$3500, new or used.

I heard the Nines/Pathos Twin Towers on serveral occations. Made beautiful music to my ears. You can get that amp used for under your price point. The amp is a Hybrid. Tubes on the front end. It gets very hot. Pure class A
Have you contacted DeVore Fidelity for John's input?

I think some years ago I could have sworn John had refurbed Threshold SA-1 monoblocks powering some Devore floorstanders. I'm not sure of the model though.

Best of luck with the search.
An Ayre V-5 will sound really, really good with those speakers. BAT and Pass would be good alternatives.
Agree with Jetrexpro. I previously owned the PAthos Twin Towers... best sounding integrated I have owned and it looks cool too!
I have had a number of Class D amps with my Nines, including Red Wine, Bel Canto, and Cherry, but now have the Pass X150.5. The X150.5 was the only amp that filled out the Nines' midbass as well as my tube amps, only with more accuracy and better bass extension and impact. Huge, deep soundstage, quiet, resolute.

Better pairing than with the First Watt J2, which, like the Class D amps mentioned above, sounded thinner than when paired with the X150.5. I'd also try the XA30.5, which John D was interested in checking out with the Nines when I chatted with him earlier this year. I would also like to check it out, but the X1/X150.5 make such beautiful music together I'm not really that motivated TBH.
Hi Simorgh,

I've tried several SS amps for my 9s; with Densen Audio Technologies i've found the best for them, believe me!

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I truly believe that the Hypex NCore 400 DIY monoblocks are the best SS amps under $10k. No, I haven't heard them all. LOL If you don’t want to build them then there are people that will build them for you for a little more money. They sound startlingly different than most amps because they are so clean and clear. The have a fantastic sound stage. With your efficiency they should be a perfect fit. I do have one caveat. Since they are so neutral, you will want to make sure you pair it with mostly warm equipment.