Any suggestions for Satellite mate for Kinergetic Sub system

Looking for suggestions on what to use as Satellite speakers with Kinergetic subwoofer system. I have heard some have good results with Spica TC-50's, would like comments from anyone with first hand knowledge. I have heard Spendor 3/5's are excellent too. New space limitations require the replacing (temporarily)of original Quad ESL's which mated well with the system. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Musical taste run the gamut of classical,rock, jazz and vocalist (long live Ella!). Many thanks to all Audiogoner's!
hello how much space is available for the satellites? I previously used Spica Angelas speakers with the Kinergetics system with very good results the Angelas speakers soundstage is excellent at any price level. The speaker can be rewired and Cardas posts installed for a considerable sonic upgrade.
Mejames, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately room size is shrinking due to returning kids. The Angelas are indeed lovely speakers. It's been a while since I last heard them but I remember the event as extrordinary, especially with Conrad-Johnson amps (I'm using Berning 230 triode). Do you know if the Spica TC-50 have the same,basic mid-range/high capabilities? The stands for the subs would place the TC-50's perfectly on top. Slightly taller than the Angelas. The room itself is a converted bedroom with only stereo and chair!