Any suggestions for in-wall cabling?

I am going to build in our new house a multi-zone system, but a pretty basic one. Simply put, I am going to run stereo audio, composite video, and speaker cabling to all rooms. The speaker cables will be run off of amps from the processor, to the wall, then on to the next room through the attic.
I am planning on using high quality RG6 cabling to make the long video and audio runs. Not particulary worried about the sound quality in other rooms, because mostly there will be a lot of ambient and other noise in other zones.
Am I okay running RG6? I will probably run Monster Z2 Reference cables in my walls, as i can get MC stuff on accomodation.
Any suggestions? HELP!
* I don't think any run will be more than 50 feet. most will be under 30. Video will run into the wall, to the attic, through a multi-zone audio and video distribution hub, then back out to respective outlets. speaker will be direct.

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All are good suggestions. I assume that the LAT cabling is superior to Monster?
Parts Express does have said RG6 cable, will get that from them, along with the myriad wall plates and F-pin to RCA converters etc. etc. etc.

Duly noted concerning the conduit. Will have to see about that for the main wiring bundle in the living room.

Thanks y'all!

That seems a fair assesment. Thanks.
I do think that the "good, better, best" scenario is also quite relative - and usually quite a personal thing. Most folks here know more that I and have far more experience...thus my asking about what I can do to improve where I can!
I do always want to find the best i can get for my money, as we all do!

I definately will pursue the LAT cable, as it seems to be both reasonably priced and high quality. Thank you to all of you guys for the input.