Any suggestions for good obscure music?

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Doesn't have to be too obscure. But I'm looking for some new stuff to listen to. Good music that's well recorded by someone I haven't heard of. Any suggestions?
If anyone is interested I would suggest a compilation disc titled "A Nod to Bob" on Red House Records. This is a tribute to Bob Dylan by artists on the Red House label. Not one bad rendition on the cd. Although they were all written by Dylan, there are a few I hadn't heard before.
I've purchased several cds by artists found on this disc and have yet to be disappointed. I'm listening to Greg Brown "Covenant" now. He's one of the artists on the Nod to Bob. Great stuff with wonderful sonics.
Dude, LOVE Richard Buckner - though last time I saw him live he was in a particularly dark state of mind...yeah, a bad day. The earlier albums are better...last one was getting into the Nick Cave meets Damien Jurado territory.

I've never heard of Kilgour. Thanks for spending my money!

One back at you, and for anyone into the alt-folk genre, for lack of a better title: Jeffrey Foucault...I've liked everything he's put out, but "Miles from the Lightening" is a good place to start. Great voice, great lyrics, great guitar playing. His wife, Kris Delhorst is very good too, as is their joint venture, Redbird,but his solo stuff is really great, and he's great to see live if you ever get the chance. Buckner is truly a dark horse.
I sifted out a couple of vids that actually have OK sound to get some idea of these two recommendatons:

Alexi Murdoch, "All my Days"

Alexi Murdoch, "Orange Sky"

Jeffrey Foucault, "Northbound 35" Sings with his wife Kris Delmhorst in this vid. Wonderful lyrics!
Oh..and one more that comes to mind...Sufjan's hauntingly beautiful and simultaneously chilling song, John Wayne Gacy Jr.. It comes to mind as one of my favorite Jurado songs is equally as creepy...a spoken piece titled, "Amateur Night."
for some reason, sufjan stevens reminds me of yanni. foucault is on my ever-expanding list
i saw richard buckner playing outdoors on a saturday afternoon at the taste of chicago fest. he started out with a lengthy, obscene, unintentionally hilarous tirade about having to play next to a country line dance exhibit. he proceeded to play a brilliant hour long solo electric set, then simply walked off stage, further bewildering his audience. not the gregarious sort, i guess, though i've actually met him and he was very gracious.
for some reason, sufjan stevens reminds me of yanni.

He runs hot and cold for me, but I do like that particular song. Now that you've gone and polluted my mind with that thought, I'll never listen to him quite the same! :-I