Any suggestions for good obscure music?

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Doesn't have to be too obscure. But I'm looking for some new stuff to listen to. Good music that's well recorded by someone I haven't heard of. Any suggestions?
If anyone is interested I would suggest a compilation disc titled "A Nod to Bob" on Red House Records. This is a tribute to Bob Dylan by artists on the Red House label. Not one bad rendition on the cd. Although they were all written by Dylan, there are a few I hadn't heard before.
I've purchased several cds by artists found on this disc and have yet to be disappointed. I'm listening to Greg Brown "Covenant" now. He's one of the artists on the Nod to Bob. Great stuff with wonderful sonics.
Well I have purchased several of the artists mentioned above. Some take a little work to get into. Once the work is done the rewards are worth it.
Zane, no offense intended but I wouldn't consider Bowie obscure. I bought "Ziggy Stardust" back in 72. Never did own "The Man Who Sold the World" but all of the others you mentioned are in my collection plus a few more. My little brother was a fanatic back in the 70s, probably saw Bowie 10 times. Thanks.
A buddy turned mee on to proprius records, a swedish recording company that produces exquisite recordings. Everything from jazz and pipe organs to choral arrangements. All two miked with incredible air and ambience. Hard to find in the states though.
Salif Keita---->Moffou: He's a great songwriter/performer from Africa, truly original, very intimate sound.
Aphex twins---->ambient work collection(double CD): The early stuff of this electronic music genius, his use of the samples were very unique, some atmospheric music.
Antonio Foccione---->touch wood: He's amazing on acoustic guitar, with great musicians.
Eyes wide shut----->soundtrack: Legeti's music is back for another Kubrik film soundtrack, so simple yet powerful.
Susheela Raman----->salt rain: This was album was nominated for the mecury award in the UK, British born Indian took the Indian songwriting to another level.
Pink Martini------->Sympathique: Toe tapping stuff, great bands with good selection of songs, range from world music to jazz standard.
PJ Harvey----------->Is this desire?: My fav album of PJ Harvey, though she's not obscure in the UK at all, she's in a league of her own though.
Jesse Cook - Plays acoustic guitar, with much Spanish and Middle Eastern influence. In addition to the guitar, there is often doumbek (middle eastern drum), violin, electronic instruments, occasional singing. Fabulously well recorded, and beautiful music. Some songs get a bit repetitious, but great stuff. His first 4 or 5 CDs are great, although I've heard that his most recent 2 are only so-so. Don't let the "new-age" category put you off, this music has great depth.
Timrhu - Another obvious jump from Greg Brown and John Prine would be Richard Thompson. There's a good collection called, "Action Packed". His wife, Linda Thompson is also wonderful and their collaborations are great as well - oh yeah, son, Teddy Thompson is damn good just a few more. All in the family!