Any Suggestions for a Test/Set-up CD

Perhaps this question has already been answered but I am looking for a test or set up CD with test tones, frequency sweeps, etc.... Anyone with any good suggestions I would really like to hear them. Thanks in advance.
Sheffield "My Disc" [10045-2-T]

Caution! This disc may embarass you. When you hear some of the comparative tracks, you will learn a ton about the truth in audio. Proceed with caution, especially if you are really enjoying reading most of the B.S. within this hobby.

Charlie, is there a good source on the net to pick this disc up ? Sean
Sean, here is a link to May Audio:

As you will see, Sheffield Labs makes several flavors of test discs.

Good luck,

Stereophile magazine has several test CD's that are quite good. They all contain channel orientation and phasing tests, in addition to music selections, pink noise, and frequency sweeps. If you want test LP's, you might look around for used copies of the disks put out by Shure (originally produced as test records for their top-of-the-line Type V cartridges).
I've been told that the XLO CD is a great deal for $39