Any suggestions for a good speaker match for Naim

My sytem is NAC 282 NAP 250 HICAP and CDX2

Considering Sonus Faber Cremona, Wilson Sofia, Dynaudio S25, etc.
I was blown away by the sound of the Wilson Sophia's. I'm not sure how much of what I was hearing was the speakers, and not the amp, source, etc. Salesman said what I liked was the speakers. Can't be 100% sure. But, the Sophia's are now firmly on my wish list. A few issues ago TAS recommended the Sophia's with Naim. New they're around $10,000 - so price will be a consideration for many people. Let us know how what you decide, and good luck!
meadowlark, wilson-benesch,b&w, proac, epos all mate well
with naim gear. i am using psb stratus gold with 72-250-cdx-xps-hicap- sounds great.
Difficult to find in the US but NEAT speakers and Naim are a very synergistic match.
I have a pair of Mystiques with Nait5/Flatcap2/CD5 and could not be happier.
I listened to a Naim stack a great deal with Proac 2.5's and it sounded very nice. Huge soundstage and very natural.
Some top Naim people in the U.S. are recommending Piega as the ultimate match. Call Chris Koster ,the U.S. sales manager fo Naim, and ask his opinion. He is most familiar with Naim equipment. I won't say what speaker he uses.
After many changes I like Tannot TD12 as a best match with my Naim CDS2,52,135's.There are TD12 for sale now on Audiogon,hard to find used,New over $10K,for sale $5500 I think.Mike
I'm using SBL's in front of a CDX2/82/hi/250, and after looking long and hard there's not much below $10k that's made me want to upgrade. The JM Lab Utopia Diva is incredible, but at $12,000 it bloody well should be! I do like the taller Dynaudios, and am thinking of having an at-home demo of the Contour S5.4 (around $6000) and Confidence C2 ($9000?).

Still, all of these are a huge amount more than the SBL's cost me last year and would have to be absolutely phenomenal to justify the cost. I'd recommend you look into getting a pair of SBL's just to try out for a month or two, and you can easily sell them for what you paid if you don't like them.
Forget Wilson and Dynaudio; Sonus Faber, sure.
Good Brit speakers are a good match for the Naim products: Wilson Benesch, Living Voice, ProAc.....
Try the Harbeth line. Excellent match with the Naim stuff.
Nobody has mentioned Spendor? Spendor and Harbeth are supposed to be excellent matches with Naim gear.

Good luck!
Both Linn and Epos are a good match with Naim electronics. One of the best systems I've ever heard was the Linn Isobariks (the big ones, not the Sara's) with active Naim amps.

I think Naim used Epos when voicing their earlier amps, or maybe Epos used Naim....can't remember. I owned Epos ES14's and they were an excellent speaker. I think the newer, more expensive line of Epos would be a good match with Naim amps.
I am getting great sound from Naim amps through PMC GB1s.
Proacs and Vandersteen are outstanding with the Naim amps.  It just depends on what you like in a speaker.