Any Suggestions?

I am building a system using the following components;

Sony SCD-1
Krell KCT
Krell FPB 400cx
Dynaudio Contour 3.3

Currently, I am using Pure Note Epilson Reference IC's and just cheap speaker cables. I am looking for a laid back speaker cable for less then $1000, used is okay.

Thanks in advance,

Audience Au24 sounds like it might be a good bet. I have not heard it myself though.
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I'm using a Krell amp and pre-amp too although they are not as good as yours. I have found Purist cables to work very well with Krell equipment.

I'm using a bi-wire pair of Meseaus speaker cable, but I have heard from a reliable source that the Venestus is almost as good as Dominus cables, but much cheaper. If you can get a chance to audition them, I would strongly suggest jumping at it.
I'm using two pair of Pure Note Epsilon Ref ic's (XLR versions) along with Audience Au24 speaker cables.

The Pure Notes are very good. But the Audience Au24 speaker cables pretty fantastic.

The Au24 speaker cables are somewhat amp dependent. But regardless, you should still hear a real firming up of the bass regions and lack of grain and hash in the higher regions.

Definitely worth the audition.

Some claim the Pure Note ic's to be better than Valhallas but not the PN speaker cables. Some claim the Audience Au24 speaker cables to be better than the Valhallas but not the Au24 ic's.

I've been quite content with this combo. And when one considers how much others pay for their middle-of-the-road cables and that the Pure Note ic's and Audience Au24 speaker cables don't really cost a dime more than some of these mediocre cables, it's well worth the purchase price.

Not to mention the PN's and Au24's cost thousands less than the Valhallas.

What about Nirvana SL speaker cables? I thought they sounded pretty good for the price. I haven't tried the Audience speaker cables but I found their interconnects disappointing
You can try some Lieder cables... There is a user on Audiogon named Jaap who is the owner of Lieder cables... They offer a 30 day money back guarranty.

Lieder offers all silver cables... I use them in my system and I can tell you they sound pretty sweet (not harsh like some other silver cables).

Drop him a line, you don't have anything to loose and you may be surprised of the result...

Best Regards

Purist Audio has an inexpensive speaker cable called the "Museaus" that would work great with your system. These cables outperform anything I have heard in their price range along with several very expensive cables.
I am using ridge street audio designs MSE ic's and sc's to run an audio aero capitole mkII cdp(xlr) to a krell fpb 300cx to a pair of egglestonworks andra II sp's(single wire) and the sound is outstanding, particularly since they both cost together less than $900. Now, of course, your components are not exactly mine and your room acoustics may be very different as well. This is why you need to try any cable in your own set-up before a permanent decision. Many manufacturers and retailers, including RSAD and Pure Note, have trial periods (usually 30 days) before which you can get your money back. You would only be out of the shipping charges should you return the product. This, however, would be well worth it!
Enjoy the music.