Any suggestions?

Any suggestions for the newbie members (from the more experienced with feedback members) about buying AND selling equipment here on the gon?
Take about a month or two to just observe. It's a great community but not utopian, and a bit of knowledge will go a long way. Keep an eye out for listings of equipment with which you are familiar--either that you own and are thinking of selling or that you're interested in acquiring. It's a useful way to get a sense of price ranges, descriptions, etc.
Sell anything, just be honest with its description and fair with its price.
Buy something,check sellers feedback. Ask questions. Ask for photos and hopefully you will/should get a good deal. There is always a vast array of fantastic gear on here. Personally I think the majority of the people on this site are honest. I have only dealt with a few members who have been 100%. There are always going to be bad apples, but hopefully they are a very tiny percentage that use the site. Be lucky.
Be Honest: If your selling be conservative on your equipment ratings,If your buying ask as many questions as it takes to make it clear what your buying..Don't make an offer unless you intend to buy...Do your homework!!! This is by far the "Best" site for us Audio Cookoos!....Spend as much time on it as you can and learn...I can't say enough about how many Great helpfull people on this site......Welcome aboard !!!!!!
If you want to speed up the learning curve, purchase the "Audiogon Blue Book subscription". It may be flawed and a sometimes a bit out of date, it's still relevant. Most newbies vastly over estimate the value of their gear. BE HONEST! Use the Audiogon rating scale acurately.

Surely you are not referring to yourself with 581 positive feedbacks are you?

I am sure you are more than qualified to answer the question.
Buying is very easy, selling is harder. Be patient and avoid others telling you what to like. Don't catch Audionervosa syndrome. If you like something that others don't, who cares, go with what you like. Now get out there and do some listening. It's the only way to know what you want. If you are a headbanger we can all suggest powerful gear. If OTOH, you listen to classical music at low levels then perhaps you are an SET person. There are obviuosly many intermediate types. For example I like powerful tube sound that doesn't imitate solid state gear.
i have two suggestions:

1) it is better to see and hear the product,and meet the seller, before you buy, i.e., buy locally.

2) it is safer to sell than to buy if you don't audition the component before buying.
Hey Glory,

I've got plenty of suggestions myself but was wanting to hear those of others to make the post more interesting reading.

I'm noticing new members (low/no feedback) showing up and trying to sell high-dollar items. Some are obviously scams and some are people with no sense of reality of current used values for the equipment they are trying to sell or auction.

Hope they appreciate the posts from all that have participated and that it raises awareness and makes this a better site.

Good Listening!


Thanks for "unconfusing" me.

If your gear is not of a current production model then a general rule is 50% off retail price.

It seems that the 50% off is going at times to 60% off because, selling gear at this time is slowwwwwww.

If your unit is up for sale and there are three more for sale just like your's don't have your price higher than the others. It will sit there and die. Better to remove it or wait to list it when the smoke clears. Timing is everything in todays market.
Be prepared to make and accept phone calls so both you and the other party regardless of who is on what end are informed and comfortable with purchase.