Any suggestion?

Hey guys after alot of consideration I got myself the GMA Europa's to replace the Totem Rainmakers. This has really fixed the problems I was previously experiencing with listening fatigue. I also am getting my Squeezebox modded soon and decided I also want to upgrade my integrated. Like everyone else Audiophilia has sunk in. As of now my system consist of the following.

GMA Europa (anti-cables)
Squeezebox (analysis plus cables)
Nad c320bee

So far a good friend of mine who suggested the Europas has also suggested the Onix SP3. what you think. I know Roy from GMA strongly suggests Blue Circle, Edge equiment for his speakers but I unfortunately cannot afford. I heard that GMA products sound great with tubes and am considering that route or a hybrid like the Jolida. With the budget of 7-800 new used is there anything out there that would be a definite step up from ny Nad c320bee?
How about a Sophia Electric Baby integrated for around $400? Should sound good and give you a little extra $$ for a cable upgrade or something. Happy listening!
for my 2 cents worth, the next logical step would be something like the rotel RA-1070 int. amp. A great phono section and a little more grown-up than the NAD?
Audio Refinement (YBA) is no longer in production.
The Complete integrated is a huge bang for the buck new.
Spirit Sound has bought up all of the remaining AR stuff.
I talked to Dick yesterday and he is easy to deal with.
Give him a call (413)584-9547.

I have had the Complete for about a year now and could not be happier.

Good luck!
Cayin TA-30 works very will with the Europas for me. Should be available used in your price range.