Any success transferring Vinyls to computer?

I am curious about this possibility and certainly i would love to do it and experience for myself.
just wondering if some of you have done it already, and what are the best methods or compatible gear to achieve best results.
I would love to carry my vinyls on my ipod when i am away from home, looking forward to hear from you,

regards and thank you all.
Depends on how extreme you want to get. Simple usb turntable to recording software on computer. Right now I take the tape out from my preamp to the input of my mac for analog to digital. You can also get external digital to analog converters from cheap to extremely expensive. I use pure vinly as the recorder and then use an old version of cd spin doctor to cut the file into individual songs. I record at 24/96 and the resulting songs go into iTunes and when I dont want to play actual vinyl I play digital vinyl.
I have some experiance doing this. The easiest way to transfer your records would be to use a standalone CDR burner and connect it either to your phono preamp or your line stage. It is time consuming and you have to sit with it while its recording to insert the track numbers. When you are done, you have a redbook CD that you can import into whatever you like. Its a way to try it without spending a lot of money.

I find the quality to be fine if you just want to get the songs on your ipod. The draw backs, of course, are time and the limits of redbook. If you need better quality, I'm sure that there are many solutions out there that allow you to record in hi res.
I rip all the time. I have a full function pre-amp. Tape out>Mac Mini. As for software, I use: "CD Spin Dr." It was bundled with "Toast & Jam" from Roxio. I've also used "Audicity". Once ripped, I use iTunes to convert the files into a format my portable devices can read. The worst part of ripping is a new cartridges, LOL.

I also rip SACD's, DVD-A's and DVD-V Concerts from my old Multiple Format Plastic Disc Playing Device.
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