Any subs that calibrate for the room?

Bang and olufsen has the new Beolab 5 with the sub self calibrating are there other manufactures that have this feature for their subs?
Joseph Audio's new sub does. Not sure about any others.
Velodyn has a nice pricy new digital subwoofer that does this. Havent heard it myself, but i hear it is incredible.

there was a thread about a month ago with a title something along the lines of "Throw out your subwoofer" or something. Do a search vs Velodyne, apparently this thing has some real good calibration functions
This assumes you like the calibration assumptions made by the designer.
calibrating is so easy, there's really no reason to break your neck looking for self-calibrating speakers or subs. Don't know that I would trust it
to be set correctly for the room, etc. If a goof like me can calibrate --
believe me -- anyone can.
What you *should* be looking for is a sub that gives you the ability to
integrate it into your system, with control over crossovers, and maybe an
equalizer to set it to room your room. In that case, I would choose a
Revel B-15 performa. Great Sub. You can calibrate it yourself or, if you
buy from a dealer -- have them come calibrate your system for you.
It ain't hard to do. I know, I know...I already said that above.
Infinity intermezzo 1.2 has one band of eq to tame the rooms most offensive peak. Possibly discontinued & seeing for around half price @ 1k or less these days
I have a dd-12 and wrote about it extensively at Audio Asylum. I love this sub. Tight control of the bass, very musical, very fast.

I have a very small room and there are some issues with it. Before, i couldn't calibrate it very well to any sub I tried, and I tried a REL Strata III before.

The DD12 provides you with a remote, microphone, and video/audio eq outputs to connect to a monitor and your preamp. Once you establish the position in the room, turn it on and it'll start a frequency sweep between 15-200Hz that the microphone (placed at the listening position) picks up and displays the response on your monitor.

You then adjust the sub xover, slope (anywhere from 6db/octave to 48), phase, polarity, and servo control. Once this is done, you go back to the EQ screen and adjust the levels using a fully paramatric 8 band EQ. It's amazing. i was able to attain a flat response from 125Hz to 15Hz in my room. Bass has never sounded so musical.

The one caveat is that the DD series bass' is TIGHT. The active servo control keeps things controlled and i like this, but some may want more "boominess" that increased distortion can sometimes bring.

I recommend it highly!