Any Straightwire Encore speaker cable users?

Does anybody has experience with the Straightwire Encore speaker cable?

I have the interconnects and like them, so I am thinking of buying a pair of used Encore speaker cables to connect my Thiel CS.5 to the Rogue Sphinx, and appreciate some feedback on the cable’s sound signature.



I have the Straightwire Expressivo so I can't comment on your model but mine are very good.



As above, Straightwire is a sonic match with Rogue and Thiel Audio speakers.

To my ears, the SW brand does not draw attention to itself, allowing the Music to play without coloration (Tone control).


Happy Listening!

Can’t help you with the encores, but have used maestros for many years with my thiels 

Thanks to all for answers :)

I am already using the SW Encore in my system and the first impressions are great... with Vincent SV237MK and Totem Arro.


Good to read that you are enjoying SW Encore speaker cables.


Happy Listening!

Thanks jafant.

The SW are certainly different in comparison with the Supra, more transparent and better in the bass region.