Any step up transformers recommendations for MC's

Hi everyone I am currently looking for a step up transformer for a moving coil cartridge about 0.3mv for my cary slp-98p MM preamp that will boost the output to at least 6.0mv.

The reason for 6.0mv is unusual but here is the reason. I have a cary CD-303t SACD pro that puts out a lot more out put voltage then most cd players. And my preamp is 800ohm output, so I have to put input level knobs half way down for the cd player. Though most new vinyl these days from new artists are not recorded as loud just a poor digital version. Which I only have to turn the input level knobs to 9" O'clock position As for older vinyl and new Reissues are a
louder recording and are not a problem. And I don't want to be changing the input knobs up all the time for some newer recordings!

Don't want to spend the money on a separate phono preamp if i can get a step up transformer. Which I bought the slp-98p in the first place for phono all in one and no extra power cords of such.

I must admit it works quit well with my 2m black MM cartridge but I want a bit more punch for the newer recordings and somewhat match the output from my cd player a little better.

Any MC step up transformers that you would recommend?
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Kevin Carter @K&K Audio has a very nice kit which uses Lundahl transformers. Several options here. I would contact Kevin with your needs and he will be able to tailor a kit to fit your gain and loading requirements.
What is the internal impedance of the cartridge. That information is needed to get a good calculation of the step up ratio needed to reach 6.0mV output.
Hello Jake.

I suggest that you build your own box, using off-the-shelf transformers. I use Sowter pro quality transformers with the OFC option, and nude Vishay loading resistors. Sound is only slightly inferior to the 5 figure AN (comparison in my own system).