Any steel 14” to 16” speaker stands out there?

I am looking for a pair of quality stands for my new toys, jbl 4429’s.  I have them on some cheap wooden 12” stands currently but they need to come up about 4” and get on a solid stand.  The jbl stands are only 8” tall and angled up.  Rather try a 16”er but can’t find one...  I should have kept my old Spendor se100 stands!  Any thoughts?  The jbl’s weigh 62 lbs. each.
Search for Sound Anchor stands.  For not too much coin, they will custom make metal stands any way you want them.  Pretty fast build and ship time, too.
VTI makes 19" cast iron stands.

They also come in silver.  They can be filled with sand.

I have some of the taller ones and have my Klipsch Heresy speakers on the 19" ones (I know they're "supposed" to be on the floor, don't flame me!).
Yes I find stands in the 20 inch range, but that is too tall.  I need 14 or 16 max.  I can’t believe there is nothing available other than having them made custom...
Corelli thanks,Yes, lots of stands out there 8” tall, and I see that they are considered jbl 4429 stands, but I am looking for steel stands 14” tall that support 62 lbs.
Stop looking and call Sound Anchors, as bondmanp suggested. Nothing compares to their product. They will make the stands to your specifications. I have purchased custom amp stands directly from Sound Anchors on a couple of occasions and have one of their stands for my center channel speaker I bought elsewhere. Check out their website to see what they offer in standard and custom build. These are the sturdiest stands you will find.
Yes I will give them a call.  I recall visiting them a couple decades ago when I lived in Florida.
Just in case you missed it, deercreek can do custom work to the height you desire.

Another +1 for Sound Anchor. Welded steel, sand filled, custom for you speakers, good price. I have 16-inch, four-posters for 95-lb  PMC IB2i. The stands weigh around 80 pounds each, look good, and sound far superior to PMC's own stands.
Why not buy some wood, make some boxes (as sturdy as you like), make some ledges at the top to set the speakers in, fill with sand and you're done!  Can probably build in a day and save bundles of cash for new music!
If you take @dweller's advice, use 19mm 13-ply Baltic Birch plywood, the stiffest wood (we're all adults here, right? ;-) available. But the Sound Anchor stands ARE really good; I too have a pair.
dbarger, just want to mention that online they say the weight of the 4429's is 71 lbs, if that makes any difference.
VTI also makes 13" stands. They are rated for 100 lbs. Cast iron, not steel, but might be worth taking a look at. 
Try Solidsteel (in Crutchfield or Magnolia) and on the inexpensive side, maybe try Ben Olson of Olson’s Hifi in Lynnwood WA near Seattle. He was making/importing speakers stands, but not sure if he still does that now or not?  Please let him know that Chris from Paradigm/Anthem told you.  Thanks!