Any SS amp recs in the 1-2k price range?

Been lurking mainly on this sub forum for a month as I am dipping back in the audio hobby. I have time and am at home a lot like many so this is a good time for me to tinker. If people here have some recs I would be most appreciative. Looking for a very nice SS amp (prefer used) about 150W per side with balanced inputs. I currently am running an old Forte Model 3 and also have a Bryston 4b ST elsewhere. Both are a big large in power and size than what I would prefer as we'll be moving to smaller accommodations in a year. The Bryston is paired with Avalon Symbol speakers elsewhere. Here I am running Linn 5140 speakers (which are for sale) and I will get something else to play with if they do sell. So speaker pairing is not key right now, flexibility is, which is part of the solid state preference. 

I recently got a Wyred4Sound STP-SE pre amp which I am happy with. To me it is very transparent which I like. On the amp side the Forte is fine (too large) but not as detailed as the Bryston. Something with a bit more warmth would be nice but not imperative. I mainly listed to rock, bluegrass, and folk music. Lastly I'd prefer something more "classic" so I can sell it fairly easily in a year or two as my needs/desires may well change. I expect to sell the Forte and Bryston eventually. I am happy to be patient looking for something. 

I am not hip on many of the brands I've read about here. I do see Ayre V-3s for sale reasonably often and only mention it as I figure that is probably a good sounding unit and not too hard to sell down the road. No I have not heard Ayre not many modern things as I've been working way to hard for the last 20 years. 

Thanks in advance and I'll continue to read and learn. 

Thanks for the recs so far. I am reading and learning. I've read lots here about some of the new class D to understand that I only know a bit of what is involved for good sound there. And a slew of brands I am unfamiliar with just cause I've been out of the game.  

I'll keep checking in here as frankly I have time and the itch :) 
Speakers first than amp.
If you like Wyred4Sound, take a look at the STI 500 v2 or the STI 1000 v2, both on clearance at the company's website and, I think, Underwood Wally's. These are integrateds that easily meet your power requirements, are comfortably within your budget, have a balanced input, and can be used with your Wyred pre-amp. I bought the STI 500 v2 and am greatly enjoying it. Good luck!
jim,Thx, that is a great price.

I just emailed them so I can better understand what the differences are between the STP-SE->ST-500 MKII vs the STI 500 v2 is. I don't really need an integrated but swapping gear is no big deal and I'm in that mode. Thx
Over on US Audio Mart there’s a Bel Canto S300 for $725 or a pair of REF500M monos for $2000 that might be a great fit for what you’re looking for.  Best of luck.