Any Spendor owners in Hawaii?

I've been considering a pair of Spendor S3/5, or S3/5SE speakers, but have not been able to hear what they sound like. From all the forum posts and reviews, it seems like its what I'm looking for in terms of mids.

I know its a lot to ask, but if there are any Hawaii (Oahu) Spendor owners out there, would it be possible for me to hear what your speakers sound like? It would really help in choosing speakers.
You might get a better responds to your inquiry by trying by joining Spendors yahoogroup.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it except do you have a link for it?

Here's a link

[email protected]

Of course, you got to do the "join up" thing.

Good luck in finding some Hawaiian Spendor friends.

btw, I've heard the S3/5SE and it's pretty much what the reviews say. If I had some extra dollars, I might own a pair, of course, I wish they had a little more bass, but other than that a very nice speakers, especially with tubes.