Any Spendor or Proac owners in or near Austin, TX?

For many years have heard about these 2 companies and am very interesting in talking to and hearing these, not in a vendor space, but in a home environment.
I am willing to do some driving to find owners who might allow listening sessions - I will buy you lunch for an audition.
Eponies54 in Georgetown, TX
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There is a guy named Brian who had a place in Austin called SoundMindAudio. He had some ProAc's, however, I think he may be going out of business. You might try giving him a call. If you have a problem, contact me privately and I will try to put you in touch with him. My brother in San Marcos has done alot of business with him.
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Hi Bob and all,
Brian Kurtz is alive and well in Austin. He has proac and is willing to show & sell.