any speakers using all Scanspeak Classic drivers?

Do any 3- or 4-way speakers, past or present, use Scanspeak drivers from the Classic series from top to tail: tweeter, midrange and woofer?
Not sure about classic, but Sony produced at least one speaker using only Illuminator, and the B&O monstrosity as well.

Wilson often uses Scanspeak mids and woofers, but not tweets. Magico uses their tweeter motors with custom diaphragms. Also, Fritz makes a number of all SS speakers.

Odyssey Audio’ premier 2-way used the Scans cut paper driver and 1.5” tweet.
I believe some of ther older line of Tyler Acoustics such as Linnbrooks for example.  
@thecarpathian  is right, the Linbrook used Seas drivers. Tyler's newer Highland series use all Scanspeak, but they are Revelator series. The older Meadowlark Shearwater, while only a 2 way used Scanspeak classic series for woofer and tweeter. The Meadowlark Blue Heron 2 used Scanspeak classic series woofers and revelator series mid range and tweeters.
The old YG Anat, although the woofer is partially a revelator is my understanding