Any speaker refoaming in central illinois????

I need my snell E3 repaired and cant find anyone around central illinois. If someone knows of something around the 61920 area code please let me know.
Have you tried Decware? They are located in Peoria, IL.

to offer speaker repair
on the Internet !
Since 1996.

If you decide to refoam the speakers yourself, (if that is what is wrong with your speakers-you did not say), I am leery of trying to save the center dust cap as Decaware would like you to do. Other companies, which sell refoam kits, simply have you remove the dust cap entirely and replace it with a larger one.
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What brand of speaker did you send in for repair and what was the shipping cost?  I would love to replace or have my Stratus Golds repaired.

How central?
or the dirty filth ridden Washington. 

Theres a a great place in Manteno,
loudspeakers plus is good.

long drive from central Ill.