Any source to acquire high quality L-shape RCA?

My amps need to stay close to the wall and I realy need L-shaped RCAs to re-terminate my interconnect cables.

Any online or near New York source? I was surfing through partsexpress and I found only Phoneix Gold L-shape RCA. Are they OK or I should look for different brand?
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When you think about it the Phoenix or even the Radio Shack gold L's are higher quality than the rca inputs on the back of most high end pieces. i wouldn't over think this just to spend more money.
You might want to consider a T-shaped splitter. Monster makes one for sale at Audio Advisor. Jerry Raskins Needle Doctor has one, too. The top crossbar of the T has a male at one end and a female at the other. The vertical leg of the T is a female. You would plug your interconnect into the vertical leg female socket and plug the male into your amp. You would be wasting a fraction of an inch of behind-the-amp space to the unused female arm, which would stick out the back. I know this is not exactly what you want, but it'll do the trick inexpensively if the exactly correct solution can't be found.