any Sopranophiles here?

Paulie Walnuts. Johnny Sack. The Bada Bing. And Tony.

They're Back.

March 12, the Sopranos are finally back. So how many here are ready to see and hear Tony and the gang on their hi-def systems?
I thought that you meant singing 'Sopranos', not the TV kind.
I wouldn't think of missing it.
I would tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya.
Great... didn't know that! Tired of watching reruns.
Yes, but it is lots of recordings of opera recitals by sopranos.
Just fially got HBO when I switched over to digital cable in Nov/Dec last year. Prior to that, I'd only seen a couple of scattered episodes at friends houses which left me mildly impressed.

Now that I have been able to follow the arc of the storyline in reruns, I have to admit I am shamelessly addicted. Evey night at 8pm my world comes to a standstill.
Sunday, Ma(gun)ch 12, 9PM ET.
I've been watching the reruns way to long. I suspect Tony Jr. will get more involved in the family business this year.

Silvio starts a rock band and plays at Adrienne's club
he forgets his place and says
"this is to the gal who used to own this place
sorry honey but you had to be wacked"

feds converge

news at 11
Silvio in a Rock Band? Isn't that kinda inconceivable? Oh, wait.....
I thought that you meant singing 'Sopranos'

Well you know what happens on the Sopranos when someone "Sings": re:Adriana, Big P***y Bompensaro, etc....
I wouldn't miss it for nuthin'. I'm still cryin' over Pie-O-My.

Anyone think the "mad russian" will make a return? Remember Chris and Paulie on the run from him in the Pine Barrens? They never wacked the guy- maybe he'll be back!
Anyone think the "mad russian" will make a return?

I would say no, just another hanging storyline, just like the Melfi rape case.
Article on alludes to picking up on a story line that goes "back to the first season". So perhaps they'll wrap these angles, too.
They also talk about AJ and Meadow gaining perks of "the lifestyle" now that they're older. Should be fun to watch!
I really like the "gang" and watch the old episodes "on demand"
Does anyone like the HBO show "Entourage" that I think is also a great show.
Saw a cut today on CNN.When you say sopranos,it smacks of a feminized version of the mob.Its like Archie Bunker meets As the World Turns.Maybe folks like to see what stereo's are in it?I wonder who directed the auditions,Joan Rivers?What would Al or Lucky say?What do you say?You could point a mouse or a heater at me and tell me where to go I guess...
I thought the premier was pretty cool, wonder what happens to big Tony.