Any Sophia Electric KT 88 owners out there?

I recently picked up this intergrated from Richard, at Sophia Electric.
I have owned or heard several 3k plus intergrateds and I have to say this is the best I have owned. Running a pair of the Tetra 305 Kids this is a match made in heaven to my ears.
Just curious if there are any other owners who would like to weigh in on this remarkable intergrated.
Nice choice!
I currently have the 35 watt el-34 integrated from Sophia
and I am thinking on trading it in on a new KT-88, they will give me full
retail value towards the new amp, not bad.
Can you tell me more about the unit, build quality, what are the brand of power tubes that come with it? I am not familiar with the Tetra speakers,
are they full range, difficult load? I am considering the Avant Garde
by Gershman to go with it.
Thanks for your time and reply. SJM