Any sonic benefit to sheathing on the AZ cables?

My bi wired Acoustic Zen Hologram is about to arrive. I am curious about the white webbing or sheathing wrapped around the cables. Does this material actually offer any sonic benefit, it almost looks like a cosmetic detail. Anyone?
Since I'm a great fan of AZ products, because of their wonderful performance/cost ratio, I would advise you to contact Mr. Robert Lee with any questions you might have regarding your new speaker wires. I have often called him in the past to discuss concerns/questions and always found him quite helpful and a great gentleman. Hope this helps.
I'd assume that it's cosmetic. I asked Mr. Lee when he was still with Harmonic Technology, probably the same stuff as the AZ's.

He is great to deal with. I was so impressed with the entry level Melody Line speaker cables, I called him to discuss upgrading to the Pro-9. He talked me out of it and had me send my Melody Lines back to him to have them cut in half and re-terminated into a bi-cable configuration. He assured me I'd get 90% of the Pro-9 with a tiny investment. Does it get more stand-up honest than that?
I get it, the webbing is part of the cable, it bends and twists with the rest of the cable. It only appears white in certain light or at an angle in the right light. Or in a camera flash.
Cosmetics aside, amazing cable. I await my PMC AB1s, my Mirage M5s sound incredible with this cable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bass, detail, and clarity unreal!
The webbing on Acoustic Zen cables is neat looking, especially at night when you're going to the kitchen to grab a midnight snack and you shine the light in their direction. They glow like cat's eyes. Or more so like the radioactive glow effects from the old Outer Limits episodes of the 1960s.

But being that I'm an audio neanderthal mongoloid cretan, I've managed to rip the spidey webbing on a Matrix Reference II and Hologram II when I owned them.

Be careful!