Any small speakers equal in sound to Hales Rev III

I have a pair of Hales Revelation III speakers, which I like, but they are too big, especially when packaged (moving soon). Are there any speakers that are small in stature but of similar sonic quality that are in the approximate price range of the $2100 (new) Hales? Thanks, edh
I think you'll find speakers like PSB Stratus Silvers or better NHT 2.9's to be much similar performing to the Hales Rev III's, and maybe a bit better!?
If you want to move up in refinment and resolution, you could go to small Thiel 1.5's used (800-$1200/pr used) if you want to stay in the $2100 new price range (but used obviously..yes?). How big is your room, and what kind of music however? You may require something that's more "BALLSY", so it depends.
I think, all around, you would do better with NHT 2.9's used. They'll even step up your sound a bit, and downsize your speaker size in the process! They do rock to classical great at that price range.
I went from Rev 3s to B&W Nautilus 805.
Yep. the bookshelf speaker.
Now, OBVIOUSLY, the bass response is nowhere NEAR the Rev3.
That is its greatest strength. I could never get them to image just right. I think the dispersion rings might be hurting the tweeter performance.

Anyway, I was very surprised to hear the same overall character to the sound from 50hz on up. Plus the Nautilus speakers all have killer imaging, increased resolution, and are just superb at throwing a 3d soundstage.

So, as far as an identical top to bottom speaker, I have no suggestion, but at $2k new, the B&W 805 is a great speaker, but weaker in the bass.

good luck
I would look at the new ProAcs or the SC1's. All would be a step up from the Hales and smaller in physical size. I have not heard the new Dynaudio 42 series, but that too may be a consideration. The new Meadowlard Swallow is more musical than the Hale, but not as detailed. You will have to make some choices here.

I would have to disagree with hifiguy RE the 2.9 being a better speaker.

true, it's got a nice bottom end, but it sounds less refined to my ears, with a high end that gets a bit tizzy at higher volumes.
Never heard the Hales, but I have heard and own the Revel M 20s. With a killer pair of stands (not Revels) they are supreme. I love 'em. $2000 list, but can be nicely discounted.
Actually, the TOTEM Mani-2 (Totem Acoustics)would be perfect!

peter jasz
I have a pair of Tyler Linbrooks monitors with external crossovers that go very deep in bass and produce pinpoint imgaging.
Maybe this is too obvious, you could watch for a pair of Transcendence Ones. In case you have not heard them, they are very similar to the Rev. Threes. They have a lot of bass. Before they roll off, the bass is about as potent as the Revelation Threes. The downside is that I believe they really require bass traps and are picky about placement and room size. They also sport better tweeters, a more refined sound, and are a tougher load for amps. Like you would expect.
The following is a bit like shooting in the dark since nothing about listening space, equipment or musical preferences was shared. Nonetheless, I also own Revelation Threes and they DO take up a lot of space and not just because of their size; they do need a lot of room to breath, too. You're right that this is not a speaker for a small space. I've tried it, so learned that first hand. Probably like yourself, I've yet to hear anything that is as *overall* a balanced product at this price point. Which is why I bought mine instead of the plethora of other speakers I auditioned. They do a lot of things well, but just as importantly they just don't do anything glaringly wrong! All that said, there's bad and good news.

The bad news is the Revelation Threes will be very hard to completely replace without dropping some serious coin, especially if you are trying to fill a medium to large room. The good news is there are reasonable replacements available, especially if one is willing to give up some bass extension.

Like many here the need to improve is always nagging from the background, so I'm usually "window shopping". In the past I have even considered going to bookshelf speakers, though I'd admittedly add subs (and not save any room in the long run...). Hopefully that interest, boiled down below, will be of some use to you.

Tasked to optimize space I'd take a serious look at stand mounted "bookshelf" speakers with front ports. Given those criteria (space saving/front port) the products highest on my list would be offerings from Sonus Faber, Tyler and Meadowlark. The second tier players (though no slouches either) are speakers from Dynaudio, ProAc and Coincident (all rear ported). Do note that I generally prefer the bass provided by sealed cabinet designs, so suggesting anything with a port is tough!

Not to denigrate anyone elses' suggestions or tastes, I particularly did not like B&W or Thiel when compared to the Hales. If you like the Hales' "sound" my hunch is neither of these will do it for you. Then again, aside from time what would an audition cost?

Finally, none of these suggestions (mine or anyone elses') really sounds like the Hales, so you've got some listening and decision making to do. My overall pick from this group would be the Sonus Faber Concertos, though Meadowlark has new products I've yet to audition. Good luck and let us know where you land!

BTW, should you somewhow decide to keep the Hales feel free to drop me a line. I've recently stumbled across a few "tweaks" that not only improved the sound of my Threes, but even better required no physical changes to the speakers themselves.
System matching is everything when it comes to gear ultimately. I could easily see a tube(on top)/Solid state(on the bottom) biamp scenario that would, IMO, sound better than what the Hales Rev III's sound my ears. The Rev III's might have a bit more res of detail(just a tick), but I like the transparancy and neutrality of timber from the 2.9 NHT's! Also, the Bass is tighter. The 2.9's top end is perfect with tubes, and solid state for bass bottom if you want to get tricky. If you don't want this involving, then the Thiel 2.3 or Hals Trans 3's or smaller would work better.
Good luck
For detail and ease of set-up, consider a pair of Talon Audio Khites. They are front ported which minimizes problems with the distance from the wall behind them.

As to detail, I had to replace a number of components to realize their full potential. They are unmerciful in their ability to act as a conduit for what is up-stream of them. They do not hide anything, or add a signiture of their own (that my ears can identify), but if you have a less than precise component up-stream, you will not be happy.
Spendor S3/1p! Small, balanced, COHERENT, fast, and musical.
$1400 new, $800 used.