Any sites that recommend must have music?

I know that most of us are into this hobby for the enjoyment of music. It's great to find a great new piece of music regardless of if it's old or new. Are there web sites that have lists of recommended music old and new by catagory? I understand that lists like this can be subjective but at least maybe a good starting point.
not sites, but books.
All Music Guide... in various editions, Jazz, Rock, etc.
NPR classical music guide.
Several others I can't remember the names of...
I like KCRW for discovering new music. Try this for recommendations:

If you want to listen to new music, try the 250 hours of archived programs here:
Many manufacturers have recommended discs that they and their customers to listen to regularly or use for testing. Go to the manufacturers and give it a try..
The Music Angle by Michael Fremer is running but still limited at this time. If you can find back issues of his now defunct "Tracking Angle" magazine it was full of music reviews. The website does have a link to Music Direct that gives you a discount on the music reviewed.