Any Schittke fans out there?

I picked a Naxos piano quintet and string trio. Wow!!
Unbelievable music! I next picked up the chandos recording
of the 8th symphony. Even more WOW! I then tried the four
violin concertos with Kremer playing violin on an absolutely superb telarc recording. Some of the most exalted music I have ever heard! Exhausting to listen. So any other great stuff out there?? Hyperion has some recordings, are they worthy the effort?
So you like Alf! That was his nickname among the fellow composers and musicians...
He's the pioneer of neo-classical avant-garde and damn, he's great!
I have him on Phillips digital vinyl piano with Quartet #4 and have numerous opuses on Nonesuch CD by Kronos Quartet.
I would recommend listening to him abbout one record per session. Otherwise he's very exhausting to listen and even if you listen longer you might not understand what's going on. A truly unique music and every time you listen to the same thing you can accept it differently due to the large scale of abstractions of a real life in his music.
Yeah, as I said before dig onto the Kronos Quartet works. There is a CD where they play music of Elliot Sharp, David Torn, John Zorn...
Thanks for the suggestions. I heard that his 1st Symphony
(some called it the antisymphony), is a pretty wild experience live. The stage is empty, the orchestra walks on
playing with the conductor last. They get up and leave and come back, they play direct quotes from virtually everyone.
At the ending they play Haydn's "farewell" symphony, get up
still playing it. Wait a minute or two, go back on stage
then play the note C in tutti( whether soft or loud, i do not know). The most tonal note if there ever was one. Get up and leave in silence. Wow!!! A little different than Cage's 4'33".
Um, I thought it was 'Schnittke'...

I've liked what I've heard, but it ain't much so far - I'd like to get more, so thanks for the rec's.