Any SB Owners Using Channel Islands Power Supply

Look Here to see what I am referring to. Since my server has become my main source for listening to music, I want to maximize its performance (sound familiar) – this looks like an interesting tweak. I’ve read good reviews about the various CI High Current Power Supplies – I’ve even read some highly positive reviews about the Duet/VDC-9.0 combination. That said, I have also read several threads on the Logitech site that are emphatic that an aftermarket power supply cannot improve the sound quality of any SB device (this coming from several senior members, including the Logitech top honcho). I know we’ve all thrown a meager $279 to the audio Gods to no avail, so this isn’t that big a deal. Then again…$279 will buy all my little cherubs new shoes. What say those in the know? I do prefer unabashed knowledge, but I will certainly welcome sarcasm, cynicism and mildly offensive humor.
I've not used the Channel Island Power Supply, but I do have a Bolder Cables Power Supply. It absolutely made a difference In My System. Deeper, tighter low-end, more detail etc. Definitely give it a try.
Thanks Ecruz. There are a lot of naysayers regarding after market power supplies making any audible improvements in SB/Duet performance (aren't there always). I have also found that many an audiophile have been blessed with far more “golden ears" than I. Are you a golden-eared one, or was the audible difference, in which you refer, noticeable to mere mortals??!!

Again, thanks.
For me, again, in my system, the difference was readily apparent. An overall fuller sound and quieter background.

You might try to find a Bolder Cable modded Elpac power supply and try it first. I think they were/are about $125. I'm not sure if you can still get them. The difference between the stock wall wart and the modded linear Elpac was substantial. I would have stuck with that unit, but I got a deal on an SB3 that came with the bigger Bolder power supply.

If you haven't already, check out the Bolder forum on Audio Circle.
Unquestionably, there is more bass bottom, dynamics and at the same time the highs are slightly smoother. It was worth it to me and I have spent more and gotten less improvement in the past with other tweak type components.
Thanks for the input. I just ordered the CI Audio VDC-9.0. I'm anxious to plug it in this weekend.
Let us know what you think.
Will do. Anyone try the other Bolder mods on their SB3's Duets, etc.???
I've got the Bolder Cable digital mod. Again, definitely a step up from the stock unit. Quieter, smoother, etc.
I've got the Bolder Cable digital mod. Again, definitely a step up from the stock unit. Quieter, smoother, etc.

Did you upgrade the PS at the same time you had the digital mod done? The reason I ask, is that I wonder if the improvements you hear result more from the internal mods rather than from the upgraded PS. Hopefully I'll gain some improvement by just upgrading the PS. I'd hate to be without my Duet receiver for very long. How long were you without your receiver when you had Bolder do the mods? I wonder if Cullen Circuits does any mods to Logitech devices??
I got the power supply first. Then I bought another SB3 w/the bigger power supply. A couple of months later, I sent the SB3 in for the upgrade.

I was without mine less than 2 weeks. But I think it depends on the backlog that Wayne (Bolder Cables) has.

FYI, I've spoken to Wayne a couple of times about the SB3/Duet mods. He told me that dollar for dollar, you get better results from the Duet. But the SB3 is capable of better sound, if money isn't factored in.
Is anyone using these mods with digital out to external DAC, or is everyone using analogue out to preamp/receiver?
Is anyone using these mods with digital out to external DAC, or is everyone using analogue out to preamp/receiver?

I am using digital to DAC - I'm assuming the others are too, as that is the optimal option. If I read your thoughts correctly, you may be wondering if the inclusion of an aftermarket PS will actually improve upon the digital output. I am wondering the same thing – since I’ve read that replacing the stock PS will have greater affect on the analog outs (albeit still not a match for the digital out to DAC methodology). I'll be able to provide an unbiased review once I add the power supply this weekend.
I have an SB3 with the Bolder "Enthusiast" digital mods, which significantly upgrades the SB3's internal power supply, replaces the voltage regulator and removes the analog outputs. I also use a BPT "BAT" battery power supply. Seems like overkill I suppose, but I listen a LOT to my squeezebox, so I wanted to maximize its performance. The sound quality of this setup is amazingly good.
Digital out to a DAC.
I have yhe CI power supply for my sb3 and it was a most notable improvement. No more rf interferance from fm tuner, blacker background, wider, deeper soundstage, better retrieval of low level details - improvement all around. A must. (get the upgraded power umbilical also).
(get the upgraded power umbilical also).

Where did you get yours? Did you get the Revelation Audio Lab Silver umbilical, or one from CI? What are you using for the AC Power cable?
I am using the Revelation umbilical and power cord is Shunyata Taipan. Power supply sits on black diamond racing cones with three small weights (the removed feet from my estoeric x-03se) on top.
I have never used any Logitech product but I used a CI VDC-SB power supply as an upgrade for a Trends UD-10.1 USB trasnport and it blew away the Trends optional recharable battery pak. For me in my system, an upgraded power supply has always been a very worthwhile tweak. Most recently, I purchased an Empirical Off-Ramp 3 with Superclock 4 and upgraded the supplied 12vdc wallwart power supply with a Paul Hynes SR3-12 power supply. It resulted in a nite/day improvement in clarity & resolution through out the whole frequency range, to a notable extent was the crystaline highs and textured lows. If a Paul Hynes PS can do that for a high end Steve Nugent PC audio product, there's no reason not to think that a Hynes power supply would do the same for any Logitech product (in my humble opinion).