Any Sarah Brightman fans here?

Just bought La luna and like a few of the songs. Just wondering what other CD's from her you guys would suggest picking up? Thanks.
My favorite Sarah Brightman piece isn't really her release - it's Andrew Lloyd Webber "Requiem" - with Placido Domingo. It's a beautiful piece and Sarah's singing is wonderful. I also have "Songs that got Away", which is good, but I would recommend it only for the Sarah Brightman fanatic, and/or those who like show tunes. It's a collection of Broadway show tunes that somehow have been lost (ie didn't catch on as a stand alone song).
try "TIME TO SAY GOODBYE" the complete CD. my favorite S.B., cd I have them all. Also the track "STRANGER IN PARAIDISE" from her last studio cd "HAREM"
We have several S.B. CD's and one of our favorites is the "Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection"; a CD of Sarah singing some of his more famous show tunes (Phantom, Evita, ect.). Also "Time to Say GoodBye" is another favorite. Got to see her in concert a couple of years ago on her "Harem" tour. Sarah puts on a great show if you ever get the chance to see her live.
I definately like her voice. I second "time to say goodbye". Not the best sonics but it is my favorite of hers. She is accompanied by several male singers that are all very talented to say the least.
Robm321 is on the money about the male singers on "Time To Say Goodbye." Andrea Bocelli is on the title track and Jose Cura is on the other two. Cura is Placido Domingo's protege and a fabulous operatic tenor. He's got a great collection of Puccini arias out on CD.