Any San Francisco area Vapor owners?


Are there any of you out there who own Vapor speakers (Joule perhaps) who would be open to having a charming fellow audiophile come by for a listen?
I'm a woman with a lot of positive feedback. Thank you very much.
Hi Bander,
If this doesn’t get a positive response, try calling Vapor to see if they can assist you in finding someone in your area.
Hi Bander, I don't think we have any owners in the Bay Area right now. Closest would be a Cirrus Black owner in Sacramento, and then we have many owners in So Cal.
In the Bay Area include on your list of speakers to hear, the new ones by Vaughn Loudspeakers in Santa Rosa. They are using Plasma Tweeters/restored Vintage Dukanes. They are Reference Level. The best Tweeters I have heard...ever. This from a ribbon fan. Do hear them, they will redefine the top octave and make everything else sound mechanical and slow. Jallen in Danville
Hi Bandar, did you ever hear the Vapors? I am thinking of buying a set (I am in discussion with Ryan about this), will be traveling to THE Show next month to hear the Joule Whites, which I hope to bring home with me