Any SACD quick reading players out there.

I owned the first Sony 777 player and currently own a 333 changer. They did not and do not read the presence of an SACD disc very fast. I have read a few threads on this but are there currently any quicker readers out there as far as SACD players are concerned. I would like to know actual times for reading SACD discs and Redbook discs on your various players. Expecially if any of you have the new Krell unit. Thanks for your time, thoughts and readings. Please do not repond that I like the time to walk back to my seating area - BTHT.
Both my Tri-Vista and DV-47 detect the presence of an SACD disk faster than the SCD-33ES and SCD-1 players that I used to own. I've never used a stopwatch on them, but I'd estimate 3-5 seconds for either. I think the newer generations of transports a just able to read a disk faster than the earlier ones. I don't know where Krell is getting their transports, but you can rest assured that it will be one of the newer ones from Sony, Philips or Pioneer.
My Sony DVPNS900 reads SACD's in about 3-5 seconds too-so I think it's more down to the earlier models.
This particular quirk of the early Sony's put me off when considering buying a higher end SACD machine.
Quite often I have a long session where I change discs a lot and the extended reading time would have annoyed me I'm sure.
The Sony XA777es: two seconds for tray to close, ten seconds for play to begin.
The Marantz players (SA-14 and 8260) take about 5 seconds to start playing after the tray closes, no matter if redbook or SACD. Track access/selection is lightning fast. The Philips 963sa is actually a little slower, but not much.