Any Rogue Zeus Owners Out There? What Preamp?

I am considering the Rogue Zeus tube power amp and heard that the Rogue M99 preamp works well. I heard the 99 preamp in another system back a few years and thoguht that it sounded fine for the money but I would have liked a better sound, kind of bright compared to some other preamps I heard and not as magical in the mid range for a tube preamp as I would prefer. But I have never heard the combination of the Zeus with this preamp.

If you have the Zeus, what preamps did you try and if you have heard the Zeus at a dealer or somewhere, what preamp was the beast mated to?

Thanks and Happy Listeing.
The Magnum version of the 99 should be noticably better than the "stock" version. I haven't heard them, but have read about them, and the Magnum versions (of the amp and preamp) are always liked much more.

I think HiFi+, excellent British mag, did a nice review of the Magnum separates a while back.

Not much help....but I hope some.
I'm using the Rogue Magnum 99 with NOS Sylvanias from Rogue.

I've had the Zeus for a day and listened to it for about six hours. So far, so good. But these are early impressions as you can see.
I use the Zeus through a TacT RCS peamp and am getting super results at the moment. In effect it is actually outputting a digital signal from the bnc connector into the RCS and then receiving it back - processing the signal through its STARS DAC. Good results to date but need to keep playing with the room correction system a bit more.
I have a newly aquired zeus Will be teaming it up with audible illusions M3a.
If your not a zeus owner: these amps ship on a factory pallet/box system with a shipping weight of 230 lbs, i thought that box and pallet have to wiegh about 30 lbs. Wrong its light weight so that amp is Over 200lbs pry closer to 210+. And it makes the speakers look small :)
What a cool amp.
The zeus is a pickey unit.To get the best from it tou will require a full sounding pre with extended highs.
What pre are you using with the Zeus? I own the Magnum 99 with the M 150's.