Any risk in refinishing the speakers?

I own a pair of original Snell type B speakers.Even though i love them i always hated their color (kinda yellow-orangy).My local furiture maker (actually guys that work for him) said they're ready to come over any time the boss is not in the office and professionaly sand,prime/seal and refinish/repaint them for me in any shade i want for a very decent price.I was wondering what are potential risks in doing so(sound wise)?Have anybody had any experience doing that?I would appreciate your opinions on that.Thanks.
As long as you remove the drivers, and maybe the crossover too, before the cabinets are re-finished, I can't see why there should be any problem. I do a lot of woodworking, including re-finishing, and my sole concern would be making sure that the drivers don't get any stripper, sanding dust, stain/varnish, etc., on them.
I have made custom furniture for over 30 years and I concur with Sdcampbell. Just be sure to protect all the speakers and contact points in the rear and you will be fine.
There is no risk whatsoever. If the people doing the work are as good as you indicate, they will make a plain looking speaker into a virtual work of art. They know how to work around the drivers (even though they probably have not refinished before) they have had to work around things on nearly every project they have done. Get the work done. First take some digital pictures and then post a before and after set on your 'my system' page.
What Nrchy said. Especially the last sentence.
I don't think you have to remove the drivers. Leave that to the pros to decide. I had my Bose 901's refinished, drivers left intact, with no adverse effect on the sound.
No. I've done a few rare ones myself because I didn't trust, or want to pay the price the "pros" asked. The came out perfect and played the same as before. Go for it.
I would think you could just seal off the drivers and any ports with masking material, making sure the refinishers know to handle the speakers as fragile so they don't dislodge the diaphrams. I have a pair of KEF 104/2s that I think about refinishing.