Any Rhea owners using tube rings/dampers?

Are you using them on all 10 tubes or just select positions?
I have replaced the tubes with all vintage Teles & Siemens. Just trying to take the unit to the next level.

If so, what brand have you tried. These look interesting:
Another option that seemed to be popular a while back, Herbie's Audio Dampening Instruments. You can get the Halo-7's for $10 a piece.

I'm without table for a while so I can't try this in my Rhea.
I'm using ARC tube dampers in my Rhea. I started out only using them on some of the tubes, but now have them on all. Seems to have made for a bit more definition.

One thing to be aware of - some of the tubes are pretty close together. Unless they are very thin, solid dampers may be a problem.
I use Hal-O's on my Aesthetix IO and noticed a worthwhile improvement, I would imagine the Rhea would benefit as well.
I feel they are worth the money.