Any Revolver turnatble owners here?

I have the old Revolver's Rebel model from the mid 80's and I'm looking for a clamp. Does anybody know what would be the maximum clamp weight for this model? I have contacted the people at Revolver and they say 120 grams. The person who answered me is new and it seems he doesn't know much about turntables so I'm wondering if I could use more than these 120 grams?
I have the Rebel as well. They came with the "Pig" which is a rubber clamp, very light.
There's a pic of it half way down this thread
Yes, I know about that "Pig". Do you think that a clamp of a weight more than 120 gr. would be ok? I would like to know the maximum clamp weight for that TT...
Sorry Zolar, no clue