Any reviews or buzz on Ayre k-5x preamp?

Has anyone heard or heard much about this new preamp from Ayre? I'm especially interested in comparisons re its competition from BAT and Sim, as well as the older Ayre preamps. Thanks.
No reviews yet that I am aware of but take a look at Avalon's website. They have a link to CES 2003, where their Eidolons partnered with Ayre K-5, V-5x, CX-7 and Cardas were voted best of show. I have a K-3x and its extremely musical, as is the V-5x which I have now just broken in. Charles Hansen(Ayre designer) is a genius IMHO.
ready to change from my perreax sa 3. thinking ayre kx3,audio research ls25, herron. want liquid envolving and reliable any ideas? can spend 4 or 5k on pre amp. thanks.