Any reviews on the Marantz 8001?

This is the replacement for the 8260. They have the same DACs, the 8001 is only 2 channel (8260 multi), 8001 toroid transformer, and hopefully the newer transport and laser pickup are more reliable than the hocus pocus they used for the 8260.

They still use the HDAM discrete LPF and low noise gain sections that the 8260 does.

I am very curious if this is an improvement on the 8260!
i've been seeking the same info. - posted on audio asylum, no responses - guess these units just haven't gotten out there yet ... i know both audio advisor and music direct are selling them. there's a comparable unit which has been out in europe and japan since january, the 7001. you can actually purchase the 7001 on a japanese site, they throw in a transformer. in any case, the 8001 looks good on paper, unless of course you want mch (which i do now that i'm set up for it). artie
Thanks Artie. I am waiting for some news about this player. I am strictly 2 channel at the moment. I have dreamed about how awesome a true SACD mch system might be with equivalent transducers and amps etc...
I heard a modified SA8001 on thursday, just before it was shipped to its' new owner. I was very impressed. I did not it "stock", unmodified, so I can not elaborate upon that.

E-mail me direct with questions.
I was about to buy the 8260 when Marantz replaces it with the 8001. It's too bad that Sony pulled the plug on SACD. Any comment on the survivability of SACD and DVD-A? My momentum just got shot thinking the piece would become a relic in about a year.
I heard the 8001 on both SACD and Redbook CD. Both were very listenable. (Note, it was modified, not stock)

Regarding the survivability of the 2 hi-rez formats, there are still companies releasing hi-rez SACD's and DVD-A's.

I imagine their support through sales will dictate their future.

It's up to the audiophile community ...

It's been a while...
I have had the 8001 for several months now. I really like it. I have it playing through an ARC LS-15/ 100.2 into Dynaudio 1.8 MKII's, and the sound is really nice, esp considering the price of this high quality cdp. I have not had any issues with reading errors at all. I like the new looks. It is very nicely put together, and feels very very sturdy. I had some component changes since the 8260, but I feel the 8001 is more neutral, has a much better top end, and a better soundstage. I never got into the multi-channel, so the simplification to 2 channel was the right move.
As far as upgrades?
I don't get real excited at the thought of dropping at least a thousand more to get a slightly better sound (from single cdp's)...
I have a squeezebox 3 and I would like to get a decent outboard DAC for that. It may be fun/worthwile to use the 8001 as a transport, but then I lose the SACD playback, and that bothers me, b/c several of my favorites are in that format and the 8001 plays them very very well.
I am interested in any other reviews of this player.