Any reviews of Sound Sellers of Marinette WI?

They are offering very competitive prices of Klipsch Forte IVs on Ebay.  I'd be grateful for any feedback.
Just got a pair of the "B" stock Forte iv's from them.   Excellent to deal with, and the speakers are in pretty much perfect condition.  They use a shipping company for shipping their speakers from their Wisconsin location, so I had to pick them up at the shipping terminal here in Las Vegas, which was very close to my home. They won't get delivered to your residence. They sent shipping info, so I was able to track.  Took about a week.  Overall, very satisfied with service and my beautiful Forte iv's.
I've known Sound Seller a long time.  1980s!  He's an independent who developed a nice niche in b stocks and discontinued.  He's a great guy, a good owner, honest, straightforward etc.   I buy stuff from him myself!
Lone Mountain Audio
My experience was the same as Greethemind's. No problems and just as promised.
In Fall of ‘89 I bought (and still own, but don’t use) an NAD 7400 receiver and NAD 6 cd changer from Sound Sellers.  Just recently was telling a dealer who sells nationwide about SS.  Commenting on what a great name it is.  Glad to know they are still around.