any reviews Nordost norse 2 lineup?

was taking a serious look at the tyr 2, after purchasing the brahma power cord and what it did to my system. Simple setup, benchmark dac into dynaudio active monitor.
How did the Brahma help your system and what did it replace, component used on etc. Thanks.
Comparing the original to the series 2 is the series 2 is warmer more liquid sounding than the originals. Some say they sound like they have more 'weight'. I just upgraded my original Frey Ic to the Tyr2 and kept my original Frey Sc.

You just got the Brahma Pc but did you get a chance to listen to the Heimdall or Frey PC? I didn't compare the original to the series 2 power cords when I had the Nordost Norse series 2 demo case because I didn't have any of the original Pc's.
"How did the Brahma help your system and what did it replace, component used on etc"

I was only using stock power cords for the dac/speakers so it was an easy upgrade. I was little skeptical at first until I heard the results. Added much needed bottom end, and overall tighter presentation. I like hearing the defined bass when volume is low.

Xti16- are you happy with the tyr 2? right now I'm using cardas golden reference for the last 5 years so i think it might be time for an upgrade.
G_d I am extremely happy with the Tyr2 Ic. Much warmer/weightier and more liquid sounding than the original Frey. I had the Cardas Neutral Ref for about a year before getting the Original Frey. The NR to me lacked the highs and lows but did have a very musical mid range. Never heard the Golden Reference but from what I've read it addressed the high and low issues.

I had the Nordost Norse series 2 demo case for about a month (no Heimdalls). I was considering the Tyr2 SC until I ran into for financial problems and could only really afford either the Tyr2 Ic or Frey2 SC. The Tyr2 Ic made a bigger difference than the Frey2 SC which is why I got the IC. I still have the original Frey SC.
I have the Frey 2 interconnects. I had intended to buy a 1 meter length, but then considered I might want to put my amps behind the speakers, so I opted for the 2 meter length.
As I have said in another thread, the Frey 2 is a very, very significant improvement over the Frey 1. They sound like two completely different cables. I would compare Frey 2 to Valhalla 1, except that, allowing that nobody is going to make a lower-tier cable that is is good as their top of the line Series 1 cable, the Frey is completely liquid. I might not have known this had I not also purchased Nola Contender speakers, which have a silk dome tweeter, so I can now hear the capability of the Frey interconnects. High frequencies, astonishing to hear, are quite, quire pure, and float above the fundamentals with tremendous liquidity. Even at lower volumes, the room sound is extremely present, and low level details are obvious, even with an NAD integrated. I haven't yet set up my CJ/Hurricane electronics, but I tell you this: I could live with this, between the Frey and the Nolas, it's fantastic. Voices are SO articulate, you can hear the consonants with ease, particularly when, for example, Ella sings on the Cole Porter Handbook "I get a KicK out of you", you can hear the initial and ending "k" as a sound that propels itself forward into the microphone. This conforms to Jonathan Valin's use of the term "action" meaning the sound moves as it would in real life. The Freys did this even before the Contenders arrived, but with the Contenders in there, I was constantly sitting there, mouth agape.
A friend bought over his Peter, Paul and Mary CD, along with John Denver, and Moody Blues and Michael Buble. We could tell PP&M were the most transparent, and he kept talking about how articulate her vocals were. Both the Frey and the Contender contributed, but the effect could be heard with the Frey alone. The Contenders just allowed for a purity previously not a part of my system. And we both go to concerts at either Carnegie Hall or the Bushness in Hartford, so we know what it sounds like live.
I was expecting the Frey to be as good as it is. It's not just good. It's fantastic.
P.S. I was idly looking on eBay tonight, just to pass the time and someone was selling a one meter length of Tyr 2. Based on the performance of the Freys, I bought them on the spot. I can have them checked by Nordost to make sure they're the real deal, but I bought them through Paypal, so no worries there.
I couldn't NOT buy them, the pricing was very good. I'm curious to see what the Tyr is like now that I know what the Frey is like! And if I don't like it, I can sell it here (but that's extremely unlikely). I'm just wondering what it can sound like, given that the Frey is so transparent that on some discs, you can hear the bass drum expand BEHIND its position and rebound off the wall (again, this is due, in great measure, to the Contenders' performance). My Hales would not have done this. They are neither as resolving nor as liquid as the Nolas, which are stupefyingly good for $3600.00.
So how did the Tyr2 sound??

I just ordered the Frey2 speaker cables, I am very anxious for them to arrive and see what the difference from my old Heimdall2s will be.