any Rethm owners out there?

I have a pair of Rethm Maargas that I've always driven with tubes.  Low watt Don Allen amps, 40-watt Golden Tube Audio, and 120-watt MFA M120 monoblocks.  Preamp is MFA Magus.

These are highly enjoyable speakers that are easily driven even by 4 watt amps like the Don Allen 2A3 SET but I was greatly surprised when i hooked them up to a pair of MFA M-120 monoblocks.  The bass tightened up, and dynamics increased and not in a subtle way.  The word effortless comes to mind.

I'm wondering what amps/preamps other are using with their Rethms, and also if anyone's tried using silver cables.  Thanks.
It seems tubes and Rethms pair well.  I see that Luxman puts out 10W per channel but that's certainly more than enough to make the Rethms sing.
Hi Alfagil,
I have a similar set-up, Maarga with PL dialogue premium (kt150) and pure silver cable (.18) bought from this seller (Nimak Pure Silver 5N in Cotton Speaker Cable) and for me there is no turning back....
Of course this is personal, but you may want to try, they are not so expensive, and you can also order  a custom lenght.
I’ve heard at shows with LTA gear and they sounded good but not particularly outstanding. Hard to tell if it was because of the electronics, speakers or the room, or all combined.
Not an owner but I always wanted to hear Rethm speakers.  Such an intriguing design and I've liked aspects of lowther-type speakers before.

I finally got a nice sit down to listen to various tracks on some Rethm speakers at the last Toronto audio show.   My impression was that they did some of that nice lowther-driver stuff, super airy, transparent, vivid, with a sense of "presence" and transient solidity.   My main gripe would be an overall lean and somewhat whitened/blanched tonal quality.

I'd love to hear them again, though.
One of the distributors for Rethm has run the Bhaava with The German made Linnenberg Allegro mono amplifiers with great success. I believe even Jacob George commented on them at the show, saying he felt like they were one of the best sounding SS amps on his speakers that he had heard, and he prefers tubes. 
I happen to own Linnenberg electronics, but I have never heard them with any of the Rethm’s yet, but would like to at some point.