Any reports on the new Antelope DAC's?

The new Antelope Zodiac DAC's look very interesting. Wondered if anyone has had a chance to hear them yet? From what I see on the web, it does not look like the Zodiac or Zodiac+ has remote so I also am wondering if the Gold will.
Recently I've heard Zodiac+ and I have to say it is very good unfortunately only on 44.1 pcm supporting several transports, but in the near future with more HiRez files.

I strongly recommend to audition it it is a welcome surprise in such price category and in such global economic downturn.
The sound is ultra clean, fast and the transparency is amazing and all this without edges and harshness.

With a great power cables [Jorma Origo] the dynamics were astonishing.

Antelope audio guys made something really good+
I understand many of these have shipped now. Anyone have some listening experience yet? I am very curious how these compare to the berkeley.
Thats good to know Sangel. How do they sound or how would they compare to the Berkeley?