Any reports on Oritek X-2?

A while back there were a few favorable reports on the Oritek X-1 interconnects. Seems that the X-2s are now available. Wondering if anyone has had an opportunity to try these.
I heard them briefly some months ago and was very impressed. It was a very brief test and insufficient for me to make a definitive assessment. Also I think it was not quite final version. I'm using X-1 as part of my mix and pretty happy with it.
The X-1s are the best interconnects I've ever heard. I like them better than the Argent Audio Pursang S, which goes for around 1300. The X-2 are even better, so much so that I bought a pair for almost 4X the price of the X-1. The X-2 has the best bass hands down I've ever heard, which is what initially impressed me about the X-1. The X-2 has a more relaxed top end and even more detailed if that is possible. I don't know if it is the best, but it's certainly the cream of the crop for what appears to be a bargain price. If your system has no inherent brightness you may just be fine with a used set of X-1 for a steal and be happy forever, just don't make the mistake of hearing the X-2 or you'll have to get it.