Any repair shops handling Sony DVD S9000 ES?

I’ve got an inop S9000 I’d like to repair to (at least) use as an SACD transport. Sony’s tech repair company says it’s too old for them to work on (they don’t like products more than 10 years old); a vintage repair company (Pacific Stereo) says it’s too new. Anybody know who’s doing repairs and/or mods on these players? Thing is build like a tank so I’m not ready to give up on it.

Note: title should state DVP S9000 ES but some idiot autocorrect "fixed" it!
i Think tmraudio has used available. It’s cheaper if you bring it repair, I doubt there is still parts available.
I was very disappointed with my DVP S9000ES  as a transport...thought the Cambridge CXC was much better...and it's cheaper than a repair on the Sony will be...

Consult Pyramid Audio in Austin, Texas.
Keep us posted on your repair journey.

Happy Listening!
Just buy a cheap Sony BluRay and the 2020 HDMI DSD breakout box d.Bob.
Probably more reliable than putting cash into old stuff that has already broken down.
Repair=no new equipment for wife to get upset about
pyramid in austin is your best bet

those wonderful old sony players don't have parts anymore tho...  :(
This Sony player would only work as a CD transport.  SACD output is analog only on these machines.
Or buy a $50 used and rip them.
I asked the same question recently and was advised to send mine to the landfill.  My 9000 ES failed to power up after sitting idle for a few years.  Any ideas what might have failed?    And are there any parts that can be salvaged before it goes into the bin?