Any recording musicians here?

Hi, I play a little guitar now and then, I've dabbled in the bar band thing on and off. I just visited a friend of mine who put together an impressive home recording studion using digital virtual board software. We stayed up till 2am playing in his studio, It was awsome! I was wondering if there are others into recording here at A.G. I would love to learn more about recording equipment.
Yup. My main band has been together for over 15 years, and we have been recording for most of that time. Initially, we went to local studios. Later, the band bought a couple of ADAT-XT's and other gear, and we cranked out a couple of CDs on our own. Now, we all have setups in our own homes. I have a Pro Tools LE setup (Digi 002), our lead singer has a Digi 001 rig, and our lead guitar player is currently using Sonar, but plans to pick up an 002R fairly soon. Having used Pro Tools in the larger studios, it's nice to have a similar (and compatible) system to work with at home, and then take projects into another studio, if necessary.
Joe, good thread! I checked in earlier in the day and thought you'd get more responses by now.

I bought some speakers a few months ago from Audiogon member Alcides who's a recording engineer. A real cool cat.

I'm not involved in your art, but I know some people that have turned out some great CDs on their own using programs like Pro Tools. If you have the musical talent these programs give the user so much more personal artistic control.
Hey, my friends program was a Pro tools set up. He started with a simple, I think 2 channel unit and then went all out. The entry level Pro tools only cost him $500., plus a new mike, set of headphones and he used his stereo speakers.
I listened to his recordings with that set up and it was simply amazing. He subsequently dropped $35k more into his system. I am thinking about getting the basic entry stuff and sending my tracks to him to edit, until, of course, I can afford more high end recording equip.! I don't fully understand the technical end of this but am hoping to learn, so anything you guys can suggest to get me started is greatly appreciated.
If you're still pluggin in here, I wanted to ask your opinion on the Pro-Tools LE basic setup, the "Mbox".

I tried to send you an e-mail, but it bounced the first time. Let me know if you did not get it.
I used to be one (and a recording engineer) from the mid/late '80s into the early '90s. It was a part-time thing that consumed all of my time :-)

It was a mixed digital/analog world then. Signal processing was (as it is now) pretty much all-digital. Recording depended on where - in the studio it was usually analog. Out of the studio it was usually DAT. We really wished we could afford the bigger digital recorders. Hard disk recording hadn't been invented yet.

I had a couple of Tascam boards (a small one and a BIG one), two Tascam multi-track recorders (8 and 16 track), a vintage RR two-track, various mikes, and a whole rack full of signal processors from Alesis, ART and Digitech. I think the DAT was a Tascam as well. We had a good relationship with the area Tascam rep.

I was a keyboard player, and had a room full of digital and analog synths and samplers.

My buddies are still plugging away, and they are all-digital now. Pretty much the only thing left in the signal chain that's analog are the musicians.