Any Recommendations on Custom Speaker Stands?

I am looking to have custom stands built for my KEF Reference 201/2 monitors. It's an unusual arrangement (and admittedly not perfect). The speakers are placed on a very hefty radiator cover (no, we do not use this heater). The speaker stands will only be 6 - 8 inches high, but need to conform to the curved (and beautiful) KEF cabinets -- preferably done in metal (e.g. brushed stainless or aluminium), but would consider wood too. Can anyone recommend an experienced, custom speaker stand builder? Thanks.
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Try Soundanchors in FL.
Contact Sound Anchors

Best of Luck
Skylan could probably do that for you. They build out of MDF, but it looks nice.
Talk to Anthony at A&M custom steel speaker stands. He may be able to help you out. I just ordered some stands from him for my Yamaha NS1000 and am very pleased. Not as thick and heavy as Sound Anchors. They remind me more of the Foundation stands. They are well made and priced right.
Thanks for the responses. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated. Apparently there are not too many outfits that do this work.
I'll bet Tyler at Tyler Acoustics would build nearly anything you like, and do it at a reasonable price too. Give him a shout.
If you do a search on youtube for "Yamaha NS1000" check out the speaker stands from Kenrick Sound that are underneath the Yamaha NS1000 speakers. They are simple, unique, and look to be the right height for you.