Any recommendations on a good service shop?

I need to get a piece of equipment serviced but I live in a rural area with no local options. I prefer someone who is familiar with high end audio, tube and SS, as I may want to have other items serviced in the future. I'm located in the eastern US but can ship anywhere in the CONUS.
Hi speeddeacon

In the NY Metro area I've had Scott Gramlich of SG Custom Sound do a lot of repairs for me. He is out in Douglaston Queens NY. Near the LIRR. When I couldn't drive out to him I mailed him amps to repair. He worked on my Accuphase E202 as well as my Jolida amp. He also worked on my KEF speakers and a Thorens TD 125 Mk 2 TT. Whenever I've visited Scott's shop he has had some form of McIntosh gear tube or SS on his bench.

Here is his info:

40-33 235th Street
Douglaston, NY 11363

DLG Audio in Greensboro, NC.

what brand of gear are you seeking to be repaired?
Greensboro, that's actually in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the tip. I'll look them up on Google.

More like preventative maintenance actually. I'm wanting to have my Supratek preamp inspected and possibly serviced with new caps, etc. She's never been a 'quiet' preamp so I want to talk with someone to see if there might be some improvements to be made in that regard. My Classe amps are also getting long in tooth, but still work flawlessly at almost 20 years old. Sooner or later they will also need some new innards but it is way too expensive to ship those beasts to Canada. It wouldn't be worth doing, financially.
Scott, getting nothing on Google, do you have any contact info by any chance?

Bob Backert, of Backert Labs, RHB Sound Dezign. He's in PA been doing repairs and mods forever. Raves from customers on his preamp & amp mods led to Backert Labs own preamps. Bob is one high integrity guy! He's done wonders for many of our local audio club, and has been mentioned on some previous threads here.

Excellent. Thanks.
Might be called DLJ Audio. Downtown Greensboro.