Any recommendations for amp for Summits

I have a home theater with Martin Logan Summits(front), ML Prodigy's(rear), ML Ascent i's(back) ML Theater i(center), and Descent i(sub). I have just upgraded from Parasound Halo C-2 processor to Classe SSP-800. I still have Parasound Halo JC-1 mono's (400w) on the fronts and Parasound Halo A-51 (5x250w) for the rest. I have a Hot Rod modded Denon 3800 BD DVD and for two channel I use a Teac Esoteric DV-50.

I am planning to add a pair of mono's to drive the Summits, move the JC-1's to the rear (or sell) and bridge the A-51. Any suggestions on amps, especially from someone who has heard it with the Summits. Thanks
Check out the Martin Logan Owners Club at this link:

You can search the forum threads for recommendations.