Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i

Looking for help on finding a better sounding C-7 power cord for my Node.  I have read about Audioquest, Pangea, Cullen, Shunyata, etc.  I have even looked at making my own.  Any suggestions or experience with good C-7 cords would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Thanks to lowrider57's comments above, I decided to try out alternative data cables between the Node and my DAC. As I stated above, my original cable was a good quality conventional 75 ohm coaxial cable.

I installed a pretty radical SPDIF cable made by Mad Scientist Audio using carbon fiber for the center conductor. It made a dramatic improvement in the sound. Much more of an improvement than the previously upgraded power cable. The sound was better resolved, bass and treble were extended, and transients were crisper. I'm surprised to find such a change when the iFi is supposed to be regenerating a "perfect" SPDIF signal to the DAC.

I then decided to try an optical cable for something completely different. I installed a Van Den Hul Optocoupler II, and found that at first listen it's a small increment better than the coaxial with carbon fiber and iFi. I'll need a little more listening time before coming to any conclusion.

The Node, streaming Tidal HiFi or High Res files off a USB stick, seems to be capable of really good sound when cables are optimized. It's already my best quality source of music, and it's not fully tweaked yet.
Ice Age Audio or Cullen Cables,
Both are really good!
After extended listening, the carbon fiber coax sounds like it has wider frequency response and dynamics than the optical cable. Since my DAC allows instant switching from one input to the other it's easy to do an instant A/B comparison. Seems strange that a digital cable could have that effect, but that's what I hear.

Ive had good luck with the Nordost Purple Flare C-7 power cord, and its not too over the top in price.
Best to get a Voodoo c7 adapter so you can try any flavour or power cord to your hearts’ desires. I had to get a cable support, then migrated to Furutech ncf cable booster to eventually support a thick powercord that cost more much than my vault.Does a nice $50 vs $1000 cable make a difference on the vault? Yes..but only your wallet and ears can decide better.