any recommendations for a rich 6922 tube ?

i am buying a BAT VK D5 cd player. it has 6 6922 tubes.

i have no experience with this tube. my components use 12 volt tubes.

i suspect this is an old topic as many preamps and some amps use this tube.

nevertheless, some ideas as to a tube to replace the stock russian production tube to provide a more pleasant sound will be appreciated--hopefully not too expensive.
Brimar or Mullard E88CC.
Agree with Tvad.
See above.
Amperex PQ White Label
04-20-06: Goone
Amperex PQ White Label
Not in my experience
are Amperex PQ White label rich or warm.

In both my First Sound Presence Deluxe II and my Lamm LL2 Deluxe,
they were excellent, but in a high performance, extended and detailed
manner with just a touch of midrange bloom.

In fact, after a couple years of being a fan of Amperex PQ White label
tubes, I eventually tired of them and went to a warmer tube...the
E88CC Valvo red print,Telefunken CCa,or have equipment modded or checked to take RCA cleartop 6CG7(some times interchangeable with 6DJ8).Raanan
Amperex 6922 white label from late 1950's to early 1960's made in HOLLAND. Very sweat .